Lodge donation

February 11, 2021

On behalf of all the Masonic Lodges in District 48 – Suthers Lodge 259 is proud to make this donation to the Ronald McDonald House for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. A total of 90 gallons of drink tabs were collected from donations across the counties of District 48 as well as from out of state. According to Malia Grant CEO Ronald McDonald House this is one of the largest donations they have received.

Pictured are Worshipful Master Carroll Stanley Pound 59, Malia Grant, Right Worshipful Jackie Fannon Coeburn 97, Brother Timothy McNew, Brother Christopher Jones and Worshipful Montie Marshall of Suthers 259. Not pictured Right Worshipful Master Joe Fred Rose District 48, Worshipful Harold Collins Hoge 8, Worshipful Lonnie Brooks Big Stone Gap 208, Worshipful David Bentley (deceased) Clintwood 66, Worshipful Hobert Bowers Appalachia 229.