Lesters merge on Wise... followed by a group of McDildas

July 08, 2021

On June 11th, eight of the 11 children of Walter and Mildred Lester came together for a much needed reunion...”coming home” after months of no contact, visitors, hugs and kisses, because of the Covid Pandemic was super special for all of us.  This pandemic made life unbearable.  We had to cancel our 2020 reunion because of it.  The one on one contact with each other was the most special thing in the world.  One thing’s for sure, our love abounded in every direction.

On Friday afternoon, we six girls and Lisa met at Kathy Holbrook’s house for a FaceTime with our oldest sister, Nancy McDaniel.  It was so good to get to see her, even though she did not really know or recognize any of us.  We love you Nancy and you will be in our hearts this weekend.

 Judy and Jim Webb, along with help from Kathy Holbrook, made for a successful weekend. 

 Friday, June 11, we were all on our own for supper, since there was no place that could handle all of us. Later we gather at the bingo barn of the Fire Department for a get together.

 On Saturday, rain looked inevitable...we had a talk with Mom...she talked to Mother Nature the sun came out and we had a beautiful day.  Thanks Mom!

We had 86 family members from as far West as California and East from Pennsylvania and South to Florida.  It was so great to see some of the family that we had not seen in a long, long while. Some of the out of towners chose to stay with local families, others rented a BNB, local hotel, while several brought campers and motor homes and camped.  All in all, everyone had great accommodations.  

 Those in attendance were: David and Patty Chase and Trevor; Michael and Sara McDaniel and Molly and Ethan Reed; Rhonda Shelton and  Shawn Hilbert, TN; Judy and Jim Webb, Kevin and Brooke Webb,  Brenda, Justin, Sophia, Lily, Ethan, Emma; Randy and Sherry Webb, Mia and Emily, PA; Myrna and Jimmy Orr, Brad and Lisa Lindenmayer, IN, Sharon and Bill Hodges, Larry  and Stephanie Rhodes and Brennan and Tiffany Beach, Corrin and Chase Stanley and Channing and Jacob Proffitt and Camryn Fisher, Eastern VA; Bill and Jill Lester; Cindy Lester and Josh Clark, Arabella and Sierra Clark; Sage Juniper and Pepper, Brooke, Caleb, Ryan and Iris Lester, TN; Marsha and Jack Tolbert, Justin and Savannah and Landon Tolbert, Wise; Rodney and Earlene Lester, Coeburn; Kathy and Henry Holbrook, April and Ray Taylor, Julian and Avalora, Wise; Eric and Athena Holbrook, AL; Donna and Conley Holbrook, Chris Holbook, Jessica and Caleb Ramey, Wise; David Lester along with Earl O’Quin and Tanya Wagner (David’s friends), Jonesville;  Sue McDilda Rohrrsen;,Tonette and Ron Pointer and Becky, Monti, CA; Beth and Olivia Sherman, Eastern VA; Greg and Katie McDilda and Korey Dalton, WVA, Vince and Denise Curry, GA; Donnie and Noelle McDilda, FL

 Next year the reunion will be in the hands of Myrna and Jimmy Orr, Lisa and Brad Lindenmayer, Kayla Masters and Claire Lindenmayer.  Date to be announced.

Family isn’t always blood.  It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are.  The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.

Submitted by Myrna Lester Orr