January 26, 2024

John died on January 13, 2024 after being diagnosed with dementia last summer and numerous falls starting in July 2020.

John (“Bill” as his family and lifelong friends knew him) was born July 30, 1948 in Appalachia, VA to Ella and John Guntner, Jr. His family moved to Roanoke, VA, and then to Arlington, VA. His sister, Judy, remembers he was always present and supportive.

He was married to his wife, Talula, for 45 years. They lived in Springfield, VA, relocated to the Wilmington, N.C. area in 2011 and to Acworth, GA in 2020. John was an intelligent, kind, patient man and a great story teller. He was a loving husband with a great sense of humor.

He never needed a resume to start all his careers. He worked for the Coalfield Progress and the Washington Star. He was editor of the VA State Police magazine, a professional photographer in DC/VA, real estate agent, a paralegal and a private eye. He even worked in a travel agency Talula managed for a short time between jobs.

He worked on several political campaigns including one for Carl McAfee who he worked with to try to release U.S Marines held by Iran in 1979. Carl went to Iran with the mother and stepfather of one of the Marines while John handled the world press from Paris for this effort. He also authored two novels: War at Home and Terror Hits Home.

In 1991 he avoided 6 months in jail and a fine by representing himself in court in Fairfax County to be able to keep his pet potbellied pig, Petunia, in his home. The case received a lot of publicly.

Friends are encouraged to get together and share stories with laughter of their memories of John (Bill).

He loved dogs and always had to have one which turned Talula into a dog lover. He will be missed by relatives, family by choice, friends and his beloved dog, Lola.

If you want to donate in his name please consider:

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc.

3238 Cherokee St.

Kennesaw, GA 30144